Paint it black

July 19, 2010

Stephanie is an awesome decorator. Ever since we got married, she’s been watching for cheap or free furniture and decorations that she can fix up and use in our home. They’ve all turned out great. Here’s the latest project, a long-awaited night stand:

After a careful spray-paint job, it looked like this:

When our next-door neighbors moved out a couple months ago, they had some things they were going to take to D.I. and asked Stephanie to see if there was anything we wanted. She settled on a big entertainment center (ours was small, plastic, and bowed under the weight of our TV). We spent the weekend sanding and painting it, and when the dust settled—and believe me, there was a lot of dust—it was just like new.

This is after we’d already sanded and started priming the wood, but you can still make out the brown color it was when we started.

Putting on the primer

Adding a coat of paint

The finished product.


This is awesome:

Here’s one of the Old Spice commercials the spoof was based on, just in case you haven’t seen the ad campaign:

I guess this marks the reaching of a new relationship milestone in the digital age. After meeting, becoming Facebook friends, dating, announcing our relationship on Facebook, getting engaged, announcing that on Facebook, and getting married, we now have a blog. Getting a blog is the equivalent of a couple buying their first TV in the 1950s, building their first cabin in the 1850s, or getting their first Franklin stove in the 1750s. It bespeaks establishment. Permanence. So what if we live in a fourplex with a one-year lease? We now have a solid presence in cyberspace. And here at our blog we hope to keep you in the loop about the goings-on of our life together and our adventures as we reach the milestones that are still out there.