School 1, Blogging 0

February 2, 2011

That pretty much sums up why we haven’t posted anything since September. But it’s been an awesome couple of months. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with Stephanie’s family in sunny Arizona and Christmas with Justin’s family in not-so-sunny Utah. This was our first real Christmas together (the year before we’d just gotten married and hadn’t even moved into our apartment yet) and it was a blast.

What are we up to now? Well, Justin graduated from BYU in December and took a full-time job as a desktop publishing specialist for a translation company here in Provo. Stephanie is in her last semester at BYU and can’t wait to be done. We’re both doing well and are having fun getting ready for this little guy’s impending arrival (May 30):

So that’s our big news, finally on the blog months after we started telling people. But we don’t mind sharing it again. We’re excited!